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What did FARSITE do?

Dave's website has evolved into a SmugMug online portfolio of his amazing and wonderful wildlife photographic work.

We just rebult and expanded the top navigation in late 2009. The new grizzlie looks fantastic. Check it out here.

Dave Hutchison captures the wildlife and stunning scenery from the Pacific Northwest and beyond in his original images. This is the next best thing to a walk in the woods. You can also view Dave's Canine & Pet Photography as you navigate the site.

Dave wanted a web site to show his work and to make his photography available for purchase.

The images can be purchased directly for home, office, or as a gift.

First of all Dave had his own portfolio site. We then configured his site on He is able to update and manage his portfolio himself.

See this website in action here.

On the left is a list of clients/projects with a wide variety of site complexity. Farsite's contribution? From complete site design/creation and domain set-up to code reworks, site makeovers, demo sites and tweaking.

Click on the links for further explanations and visuals.

Inside the portfolio, you'll find links to the work as it exists on the Web.


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