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What did FARSITE do?

There has been an extensive evolution of Three versions have evolved since 2001.

This site was first launched in April 2001 as the company brochure and contact information tool for Michelle Jamison - Virtual Assistant and her Associates.

In 2003 the business has grown, so then Michelle Jamieson & Associates, was aiming to service corporate clients as well as an established clientelle of success coaches. The 2003 site makeover is attempting a more corporate look and feel. Flash movies are sprinkled throughout the site which also provides a platform where new associates can apply to join the team.

Above are two screen captures of the new and improved 2008 - home and content pages. The home page splits into two streams; two mirror sites. One stream targets clients and the other targets the VA community.

The design and build is by Farsite.

On the left is a list of clients/projects with a wide variety of site complexity. Farsite's contribution? From complete site design/creation and domain set-up to code reworks, site makeovers, demo sites and tweaking.

Click on the links for further explanations and visuals.

Inside the portfolio, you'll find links to the work as it exists on the Web.
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