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On the left is a list of clients/projects with a wide variety of site complexity. Farsite's contribution? From complete site design/creation and domain set-up to code reworks, site makeovers, demo sites and tweaking.

Click on the links for further explanations and visuals.

Inside the portfolio, you'll find links to the work as it exists on the Web.
Marjorie travelled
to New Zealand in 2002

In January and February of 2002, Marjorie travelled all around the top half of the north island of New Zealand. I stayed at B&B's and didn't miss a beat. I kept up with all my clients, built a couple of sites while I was there. I even worked for a couple of the B&B's I stayed at
by adding photos and updating their sites.

New Zealand is a wonderful country with great country-wide internet connectivity.

This travel site shows you the blow by blow of this great working-adventure. You even get to see what I look like before and after the haircut in Auckland, in a bathing suit on several of the many perfect beaches, and on the top of various peaks that were climbed.

Enjoy, I certainly did.

What did Farsite do?

  • travelled to 11 places in 30 days
  • worked away on my laptop
  • took zillions of photos with my FuliFilm digital camera
  • uploaded each night
  • worked each morning
  • soaked in mineral pools, and yes those are my feet on the home page (soaking in Rotarua).
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