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On the left is a list of clients/projects with a wide variety of site complexity. Farsite's contribution? From complete site design/creation and domain set-up to code reworks, site makeovers, demo sites and tweaking.

Click on the links for further explanations and visuals.

Inside the portfolio, you'll find links to the work as it exists on the Web.
Paul Pearsall - lecturer/author

Sadly Dr. Paul Pearsall passed away on July 13, 2007. This site remains as a testiment to his many books and life's work.

Look at this clean, content-driven site to your left. This project started with a phone call from Hawaii. Paul and Celest Pearsall wanted a web presence. Something for companies to explore when deciding to bring Paul in for a lecture or the edutainment that he is famous for.

But Paul was also an internationally famous, best-selling author. It is logical that his website also showcases his many books and tapes. Links to also allow people to purchase online.

This site resulted from a referral to Paul by Amy Ruppert of Here is the thankyou note sent to her.

Thank you so very, very much for the referral to M@rjorie. She did not do a good job on designing a web site for Paul. She did an extraordinary job!!! She took the info Paul gave her, listened to my suggestions on having a bird of paradise, easy navigation etc. and made a site so much better than I could ever imagine. See for yourself at

It is all due to you Amy, great site and great price too. Thanks again for the referral.
Celest (& Paul)

What did Farsite do?
  • steered client toward domain name purchase
  • set up site hosting
  • complete site design and build
  • set up affilitate links to
  • and more
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