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On the left is a list of clients/projects with a wide variety of site complexity. Farsite's contribution? From complete site design/creation and domain set-up to code reworks, site makeovers, demo sites and tweaking.

Click on the links for further explanations and visuals.

Inside the portfolio, you'll find links to the work as it exists on the Web.
Patak's Canada Web Site

The was a gorgeous site but the agency i subcontracted with in designing and building this site lost the contract. After a few years a new website appeared.

Indian food in Canada has never looked better. Click on the link to your left to see this site in action.

The Patak's Canada web site is not only a resource for consumers (recipes, products, availability),but is also an invaluable sales tool for national distributors.

Laurie Jones of Whalebone Productions, (the Canadian Media Rep. for Patak's) spearheaded the project.
It was Laurie's vision and writing that is reflected. Farsite did the rest.

The Sounds of Patak's feature on the About Patak's page is a great use of Flash for sound. There are also two Real Video presentations linked off of the News Release home page.

What did Farsite do?

  • create graphics
  • total site build
  • navigation
  • slice graphics
  • architecture
  • communications
  • Flash audio and Real video
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